gnome-core gettext errors

I was in the process of building gnome-core on Solaris 7
and I'm running into a little problem in the po directory.  The files
zh_TW.Big5.po and zh_CN.GB2312.po seem to have errors.  I am using
gettext 0.10.40 configured with libiconv.  Are these errors in the po
files themselves or am I missing something?  I am new to i18n with

/usr/local/bin/msgfmt -o zh_TW.Big5.po
zh_TW.Big5.po:114: invalid control sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:139: invalid control sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:163: invalid control sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:362: invalid multibyte sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:363: end-of-line within string
zh_TW.Big5.po:509: invalid control sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:724: end-of-line within string
zh_TW.Big5.po:728: end-of-line within string
zh_TW.Big5.po:764: end-of-line within string
zh_TW.Big5.po:769: end-of-line within string
zh_TW.Big5.po:1063: invalid control sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:1569: invalid control sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:1940: invalid control sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:2362: invalid control sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:2519: invalid control sequence
zh_TW.Big5.po:2520: end-of-line within string
zh_TW.Big5.po:4185: end-of-line within string
found 17 fatal errors

/usr/local/bin/msgfmt -o zh_CN.GB2312.po
zh_CN.GB2312.po:453: invalid multibyte sequence
zh_CN.GB2312.po:454: end-of-line within string
zh_CN.GB2312.po:455: end-of-line within string
found 3 fatal errors

David F. Newman
Unix Administrator
dnewman maraudingpirates org

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