Building on Solaris : /bin/sh != bash

I've recently gone through the effort of building Gnome on Solaris
and had to do a bit of hand-patching.  The main issues were A) needing
to add "-R" flags to link commands and B) errors in shell scripts
which seem to assume that /bin/sh is bash.  On Solaris this isn't the
case, and tests of the form

test thing == other_thing

generate syntax errors.  I've been fixing these one by one as they pop
up, but I haven't been submitting patches... are these known issues?
should I submit patches?  is this the right place to submit them?

Here's a patch for one such case, in

*** Fri Jan 11 10:27:39 2002
---	   Fri Jan 11 10:01:17 2002
*** 1,6 ****
! if test "x$#" == "x0"
      @BINDIR@/gnomecc --run-capplet @CAPPLET_NAME@
--- 1,6 ----
! if test "x$#" = "x0"
      @BINDIR@/gnomecc --run-capplet @CAPPLET_NAME@

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