Re: Building on Solaris : /bin/sh != bash

On Fri, 2002-01-11 at 16:30, Charles G Waldman wrote:

> I've recently gone through the effort of building Gnome on Solaris
> and had to do a bit of hand-patching.  The main issues were A) needing
> to add "-R" flags to link commands and B) errors in shell scripts
> which seem to assume that /bin/sh is bash.  On Solaris this isn't the
> case, and tests of the form

Usually I find the easiest and quickest patch for this is to do:

 *** 1,6 ****
-   #!/bin/sh
+   #!/usr/bin/bash

If this could be worked into the configure scripts for all things Gnome,
it would *really* help ;O)  Bash has been standard on Solaris since 8 at
least, maybe a 7 Update.  I use tcsh (also standard now) so haven't kept
track of it.

Personally I quite understand the moving of bash to sh and tcsh to csh
in Linux.  Unfortunately this breaks a number of key Standards, so
Solaris can't do it.  But the user can.


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