Re: slackware packages

On 16 Jan 2002, xavier ordoquy wrote:

> I'm wondering why, in the gnome ftp, they are redhat, and few others
> distros specific package, whereas slack is missing.
> As far as I know, those packages are not the one from redhat and so on.
> This was the point I was enfasing.

I'll put it this way: a large portion of Gnome developers are RH
guys/gals or use RH for devel platform. While some of them are using
other distro, none uses slackware -- that's why you don't see any
slackware packages at all.

Slackware developers have put Gnome 1.4 into Slackware 8.0 release,
but of course it's soooooooo outdated. There are other efforts to
keep slack Gnome packages updated (e.g. I think you're able to see
the announcement somebody just made). However, as slackware has a
smaller user base, the absence of slackware packages is expected.


PS cross-posting to gnome-packaging list too.

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