librsvg (was Re: Word attachment...on linuxtoday)

On Sat, 2002-01-19 at 12:51, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> It looks like librsvg doesn't have the ability to use truetype fonts. At
> least, when I try to display an .svg file (using, say, Nautilus, or my
> own code), it ignores text specified with a TTF face.

The GNOME 1 branch used Freetype for font rendering, and GNOME 2 uses
Pango.  A quick look at the code, it looks like the GNOME 1 branch has
the code that sets the font-family commented out (no idea why, no
comments in the code to that effect).  Looking at the GNOME 2 branch,
though, it gets the font from a "font-family" CSS parameter, so that
should work... Although there might be some difference between an SVG
font description and a pango one... worth looking into.


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