zvt is killing me...

i am not trying to manipulate the zvt widget in any new or interesting way,
i'm just trying to get the thing to work.  it's obviously not, or i wouldn't
be posting this.  here is what i have done so far.

i created a small app with glade consisting of a main window, and a box.  in
the interface.c file that glade writes, i put in a zvt widget with the
zvt_term_new() call and pack it into the box.  when i try to compile it, i
get an error about 'undefined reference to zvt_term_new'.  i checked my
definitions and they appear good.  i checked my makefiles and they have the
zvt libraries in them.  

i tried including the header file zvtterm.h in my include files. didn't
help.  i looked at the zvt directory under /usr/include, discovered that
there were only four files in there, copied all of them to my src directory,
changed the addresses in the locations in them and my files to "vt.h"
instead of <zvt/vt.h>, still no luck.  i even tried sliding everything in
the zvt line on the makefile into the gnome libs line, it is still not

i have tried everything i know how to do, but i am still not getting it to
work.  if anyone could take pity on me and help me out, i would appreciate
it.  thanks.


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