> I don't agree, because the Zvt i18n and terminal emulation and
> redrawing and fonts and on and on are thoroughly verified to be
> totally broken. Plus we have good verification that Zvt is
> unmaintained and has been for years.
I worked on that though you keep ignoring my patches, 
actually MGT is a good terminal emulator apart from 
utf8 support, i.e. internazionalization but it's not 
a big work to fix that I think, by now I sent you guys my patches long
About zvt maintaining: is not Jacob Berkman actual zvt widget
maintainer? He answered to my posts to Gnome ML 
and I thought he was the zvt maintainer...
so a maintainer exists, am I wrong?
> VTE has a clean design and fixing it is going to be a matter of
> one-line segfault cleanups and portability issues; easy stuff to get
> stabilized in the 2.2 timeframe. Fixing Zvt is a matter of rewriting
> big honking chunks of code that no one understands.
I have partially done this but I guess you hadn't look
at my work :(

> Fixing accessibility for VTE is clearly way, way, way, way easier than
> fixing Zvt's numerous problems. Accessibility is useless on an app
> that does not work to begin with.

					regards Cristiano

  Cristiano De Michele,
  Department of Physics,
  University "Federico II" of Naples

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