> My memory is that Jacob asked for them in a particular form and you
> didn't want to do that, I don't call that ignoring. I don't think it's
> the optimal situation, either.
Havoc I don't know and I don't care, I see that a guy
of your firm is working on problem

> > About zvt maintaining: is not Jacob Berkman actual zvt widget
> > maintainer? He answered to my posts to Gnome ML 
> > and I thought he was the zvt maintainer...
> > so a maintainer exists, am I wrong?
> As far as I know, Jacob is the module owner, but isn't really trying
> to fix the large-scale issues. Maybe he is.

> > > VTE has a clean design and fixing it is going to be a matter of
> > > one-line segfault cleanups and portability issues; easy stuff to get
> > > stabilized in the 2.2 timeframe. Fixing Zvt is a matter of rewriting
> > > big honking chunks of code that no one understands.
> > I have partially done this but I guess you hadn't look
> > at my work :(
> I know you are working on it, yes. I don't see fixes landing in CVS,
> for whatever reason - I don't know whose fault it is. And the fixes
> would be large code changes.

> The fact is that VTE works fine today, at least on Linux. The i18n
> works, the fontconfig/Pango support works, the terminal emulation
> works, it redraws with no flicker, and the accessibility is darn close
> if it's not working.  And there's nothing fundamentally unportable in
> there. It probably needs a portability layer for iconv and such.
> It would not have been my preference to do a rewrite from scratch. You
> may remember I suggested working from xterm a while back. But the work
> is done, and it's good work.
> Let's put it this way: at this point it's clear to me that for what's
> in libzvt CVS and what's in VTE CVS, VTE works better and has nicer
> code.

> Now, maybe this will change; if someone really thinks it will change,
> we can keep the conditional build stuff in gnome-terminal. But I'd
> still like to move over to using VTE by default in CVS, because libzvt
> as currently found in CVS is _broken_.
ok thanks for quick reply good luck with VTE

					regards Cristiano

  Cristiano De Michele,
  Department of Physics,
  University "Federico II" of Naples

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