Multiscreen GNOME

	The question has been asked on both these list previously -
"How do I get GNOME to work on my multiscreen setup?". Well the short
answer is currently "Wait until GNOME 2.2", but for anyone who's
desperate to try this out or would just like to help test it - here's
how to build it ...

	* You need gtk+ HEAD (i.e. gtk+-2.1.x)
	* You then need to rebuild at lest the following moduels
	  against the gtk+ above - libgnomeui, libbonobui and
	* The build the 'multihead' branch of gnome-panel, nautilus,
	  eel and gnome-applets.

	It should all just work then - metacity will manage all
screens, nautilus will draw the background on all screens, you'll have
a panel on every screen and all dialogs, menus and launched
applications from the panel or nautilus should all appear on the same
screen as you're using.

	I'd love people to start testing this using their weird and
wonderful setups as I only had Xnest to test this with. The panel,
nautilus and gnome-applets bugzilla products all have
'multihead-branch' components. Please use these when filing bugs.


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