Gnome and education


Some time ago RedFox - from French translation team - points to me some
problems with the panel when Gnome was used through an X Terminal
problems. One I remember was a flickering problem when a menu from the
panel was opened. Also I have notices that in education - at least from
what I see in the schools using the GNU system - that most of the time
the Gnome Desktop is never used. Instead a light window manager is used
when the resources are tight, in case the resources are not tight, IT
manager tends to propose the KDE desktop, even in X Terminal network KDE
is said to have a better behaviour. But again this is just a general
perception where more investigation are needed.  I have also noticed
that teacher willing to develop free software also prefer using the KDE
environment to do so.

I think we have some work to do to make the Gnome Desktop more appealing
to the education. It does not mean making Gnome more Windows looking
like, there is many way to do so but we may need to coordinate our
efforts in a dedicated groups where reflections, tests & developments
for the Gnome desktop in education could be conducted.

Therefore I want to invite interested people to contact me directly at
hilaire ofset org 

Hilaire Fernandes, OFSET

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