how to update the gtk lib??


Because the previous version of glib and gtk in my system is 1.2,i want to use

the new function of gtk2.0.So i try to update the lib,but no success.Here's my

Fisrt,compile and install the glib2.0.0 and gtk2.0.0

Second,add path in the and run ldconfig,and i see these information:

/opt/gtk/lib: -> -> -> ->
/opt/glib/lib: -> -> -> ->

but the glib-config and gtk-config shell in the /usr/bin/ is still for

glib1.2 and gtk1.2,at every time the configure of my code will use the
two config shell to identify the library.I try to modify them for 2.0,

but have no effect,and it had cause the 1.2 version lost.

What a mess it is,how can i use the new lib in my system?How to remove the old
version?How to modify the two config file for gtk2.0?

thanks in advance

Best regards


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