Re: Current network-password-saving feature needs improvement.


> Second, if you do not trust root, do not use the machine.  Root can
> record all your mouse clicks, keyboard presses, network traffic, etc.
> You are completely at root's mercy no matter what.  Sure, go ahead and
> type in the password every time; root can just record what you type in
> if she so wishes (of course by setting up a program or X modification
> ahead of time).

Correct, a root can record all that I type if she so wishes. But that
means she needs to know enough about recording by setting up a program
or X modification ahead of time. This is certainly a little more complex
than what is currently there in the setup - a plainly readable password.

Currently on gnome desktop, if the user doesnt not know that he needs to
configure network preferences, he just cannot use gweather, nautilus &
stockticker. Informative error messages are not thrown up.

And users who are aware will use alternative net applications instead of
the ones shipped with Gnome where they can supply the password for that
instance of the application.

Imho, Prompting the user for the password the first time a net
application is used and giving an option to prompt once every session (
if the user wants it ) is more user friendly and is needed for GNOME.

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