Re: gnome2 WM bug?

On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 10:53, jacob berkman wrote:

> you should be able to use the gnome 1 window manager capplet to change
> WMs.

If you are keeping gnome 1.x installed to change gnome 2 preferences,
you'd do better to stick with gnome 1.x and save all the hassle.

If you don't have gnome 1 any more, it's easier to run gconf-edit to
change window manager.  This will give you a warning telling you not
to run it, which you must disregard of course.

you may also need to rm -rf ~/.gnome or (more cautiously),
  mv ~/.gnome ~/.gnome-old
so that you can restore it if you decide to revert to gnome 1.x and
wait for a gnome that has a UI for at least the more important settings.

Probably needs an FAQ for all the problems people
encounter when moving from gnome 1.4 to gnome 2.0, workarounds for
bugs and missing functionality, and (preferably) highlighting new
functionality and giving people reasons to stick with gnome.


Liam Quin - XML Activity Lead, W3C,
Author, Open Source XML Database Toolkit, Wiley August 2000
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