How to detect if the gnome 2 panel is runing.


Is there a easy way to detect if the gnome 2 panel is running
or not? With gnome 1.x you only did a
goad_server_activate_with_repo_id() call with some flags. 
Is there a similar way with gnome 2?

The panel itself can detect if a panel is already running or not.
I've been looking at panel-shell.c in the gnome-panel package, 
but since my bonobo knowledge is very limited, I havn't manage to 
make some working code of out it.

IMHO, I think that detection of if the gnome panel is running or not
should be included in every panel applet. It isn't that nice when
you by accident start an applet with out running the panel and the
applet just hangs (probably waiting for the panel to start.)


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