Re: How to detect if the gnome 2 panel is runing.


Jonas Aaberg wrote:

> IMHO, I think that detection of if the gnome panel is running or not
> should be included in every panel applet. It isn't that nice when
> you by accident start an applet with out running the panel and the
> applet just hangs (probably waiting for the panel to start.)

Not sure whether you can actually do that, but was wondering what
you meant by accidentaly starting the applet without running the panel.
I think in GNOME 2 you can start the applets only from the panel and
no where else and unless its not listed in one of those menus, does not
matter even if the panel is up and you start the applet from the term,
you will still not get it. Ignore me if you find that I have not
what you were asking :)


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