Re: How to detect if the gnome 2 panel is runing.


Arvind S N <arvind samptur wipro com> wrote:

> Not sure whether you can actually do that, but was wondering what
> you meant by accidentaly starting the applet without running the panel.
> I think in GNOME 2 you can start the applets only from the panel and
> no where else and unless its not listed in one of those menus, does not
> matter even if the panel is up and you start the applet from the term,
> you will still not get it. Ignore me if you find that I have not
> understood
> what you were asking :)

Sorry that I express myself unclear. I mean that you can execute
an applet like just writing "charpick_applet2" in a term and
press enter and there it stops.(If your gnome/bin is in your path.)
Well, I know it is stupid to try to do like that and I think most
people will only execute a *_applet2 program once.
Nevermind really, it is just a detail. I think it is ugly that 
when you any *_applet2 program from a term that it just hangs.
It would be nicer if it says "You can't run me like this." or
something and quits.

I found out a way to detect if the applet is executed by the
panel or not,
The commandline arguments when you execute an applet from the panel, 

--oaf-activate-iid=<applet factory name>
--oaf-ior-fd=<some number>

And I'm happy with that. 

Thanks! Your mail made me think and that helped!



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