Re: How to detect if the gnome 2 panel is runing.

Hi Jonas,

On Sat, 2002-07-27 at 07:10, Jonas Aaberg wrote:
> Sorry that I express myself unclear. I mean that you can execute
> an applet like just writing "charpick_applet2" in a term and
> press enter and there it stops.

	Notably - just running an applet from the command line will not add the
applet into the panel - even if it is there; so there is really no point
in running applets from the command line.

	Furthermore, they should all be removed from your path soon by moving
them into $(libexecdir) which will make it harder for people to run them
by mistake.

> Well, I know it is stupid to try to do like that and I think most
> people will only execute a *_applet2 program once.

	Hopefully, they will get b-a-s to execute the applets, which is how it
is intended to be used, and not poke around in the terminal.

> Nevermind really, it is just a detail. I think it is ugly that 
> when you any *_applet2 program from a term that it just hangs.
> It would be nicer if it says "You can't run me like this." or
> something and quits.

	It's not hung, it's waiting to be used; quite likely the factory should
quit if it's not served an object after a certain time; AFAIR currently
it doesn't.



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