gtkcalendar help

I am new to 'C' programming and Linux/GTK. In gtkcalendar.h:

****   find  ( HOW DO I USE THIS )

struct _GtkCalendar
  GtkWidget widget;
  GtkStyle  *header_style;
  GtkStyle  *label_style;
  gint month;
  gint year;
  gint selected_day;
  gint day_month[6][7];
  gint day[6][7];
  gint num_marked_dates;
  gint marked_date[31];       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   HOW DO I USE THIS 
  GtkCalendarDisplayOptions  display_flags;
  GdkColor marked_date_color[31];      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  HOW DO I USE THIS
  GdkGC *gc;
  GdkGC *xor_gc;

  gint focus_row;
  gint focus_col;

  gint highlight_row;
  gint highlight_col;
  gpointer private_data;
  gchar grow_space [32];

I would like to set the color of every calendar day. Is this possible? I think the above statements set aside a storage area, but how are the colors set? I must fill the array 'marked_date_color' with the color values, but how are they used?

Like I said, I am NEW to GTK+.

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