Re: Gnome 2.0 look

Em 19 Jun 2002 14:24:21 +0200, Gérard Milmeister <gemi bluewin ch> escreveu:

> I don't care about font aliasing, and I expect GNOME 2.0 to look pretty
> much the same as GNOME 1.4 whose appearance I love.

You have 'export GDK_USE_XFT=1' somewhere? If you remove that the fonts go
back to normal. I am quite happy to use Gnome2 with non-aa fonts.

> better. A further problem is with the new gnome-terminal. My preferred
> font is the neep font by jmk. Although I was able to select this font, I
> had only the choice between 2 sizes, one of which wasn't even available

Run 'gconf-editor' and find 'app->gnome-terminal->profiles->default'
and change the 'x_font' key to your preferred font... I use:



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