Re: settings in aisleriot and freecell

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, Fernando Herrera wrote:


> 	Hi, I was porting aisleriot to gconf and I realized that current 
> gnome-games based on gdk-card-image library (aisleriot and freecell) have 
> their configuration stuff a bit broken: they don't remeber settings. This is
> not very consistent with gnome2
> 	An option it's porting gdk-card-image configuration stuff to gconf,
> and store them in /apps/gdk-card-image. It requires only a bit hacking in it.
> The problem with this solution it's that these settings will be global to all
> games, i.e.: if an user change card background in aisleriot, it will change
> also in freecell. Another option it's to modify gdk_card_deck_options_edit_new
> to pass as an argument the application keys we want to modify:
> 	gdk_card_deck_options_edit_new (notebook, "aisleriot");
> 	it'll solve the problem, but I'm not sure if this is an "elegant" way.

 I think that gdk_card_deck_options_edit_new should find out the name of the
program automatically using 
	g_get_prgname ()
(a function from glib).

 Then it won't require API changes.

 Best regards,

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