Fwd: Progress toward MIME/Menu entry

Hi there,

Any progress on the unification of menu entries and MIME information for


-I'd like to see both desktops refer to /usr/share/<global menu entry dir> and
$HOME/.unifiedmenu <- to avoid conflicts with the dreaded Debian/Mandrake menu
-I'd like to see this because
1) I have to associate apps on KDE and GNOME independently.  This is an
problem for single users, but doing it on a system-wide basis is hell.
Associating files with default apps is a way of setting policy on corporate
2) I want to get rid of the Mandrake menu system, which has a brain-dead way of
naming and categorizing menu entries, it's slow, and 99% of the apps available
in RPM don't have menu entries for it.
3) A much-overlooked aspect of software distribution is seamless
install-and-run.  Currently, application distributors must include .desktop
files for GNOME, KDE, and the Debian menu system (THREE menu systems!) so their
app shows on the menus for the most popular desktops.  This is insane.  Hence,
most apps don't come with menu entries, and it's the job of the system
administrator to do it by hand.

Naturally, unification of the menu entries will demand unification of the icon
paths or at least that each desktop checks for the proper icon on both
icon directories.

   Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)

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