Re: new file selector dialog?

Josh Steiner <joschi eds org> writes:
> I think the deal is that there are several design's being tossed around,
> but the issue is that noone has been able to afford the time to implement
> it (which is not a trivial effort), so as just a matter of fact, its going
> to have to wait until Gnome 2.2.

Not just implement, but also collect the API requirements from various
apps that use file selectors, and write up the requirements along with
a discussion of filesels in other modern toolkits (Swing, Qt,
WinForms) so that we have a good idea of that's needed, what the prior
art is, and so forth. There's a good bit of API design here in
addition to the UI design and the implementation work.

It's just a largish (but by not means huge) task that needs someone to
take care of it.


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