Re: new file selector dialog?

I find it rather odd that RH, Ximian, or one of the other big GNOME
contributors didn't assign this task to somebody... the file selector is
still probably the most hated feature of GTK/GNOME by most people. 
Having just that changed in GNOME 2.0 would've been absolutely
wonderful.  ^,^

Sean Etc.

On Thu, 2002-03-07 at 16:52, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Josh Steiner <joschi eds org> writes:
> > I think the deal is that there are several design's being tossed around,
> > but the issue is that noone has been able to afford the time to implement
> > it (which is not a trivial effort), so as just a matter of fact, its going
> > to have to wait until Gnome 2.2.
> > 
> Not just implement, but also collect the API requirements from various
> apps that use file selectors, and write up the requirements along with
> a discussion of filesels in other modern toolkits (Swing, Qt,
> WinForms) so that we have a good idea of that's needed, what the prior
> art is, and so forth. There's a good bit of API design here in
> addition to the UI design and the implementation work.
> It's just a largish (but by not means huge) task that needs someone to
> take care of it.
> Havoc
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