Re: new file selector dialog?

On 2002.03.10 19:00 Sean Middleditch wrote:

On Sun, 2002-03-10 at 02:34, Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2002.03.08 16:32 Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > If GNOME doesn't deal with idiots, it'll never make it in the home
> > or the true corporate desktop.  Sad fact, but I've found it to be
> > true.
> The question is: do I care whether GNOME is used by idiots?
> my answer is: no. GNOME used by intelligent people only is OK with
> me.
> I want GNOME to be usable. I do not want GNOME to be dumbed down
> following directions of one person who claims to know idiots (no
> offence meant).
[...Intel, ACPI, etc... ]

Ximian knows what it's doing - the Ximian GNOME packages have some
nice UI tweaks that make the whole desktop much more user friendly. Stock GNOME is horrible,

Dear Mr Sean Middleditch,

You repeatedly confuse your opinions with facts. Stock GNOME is not horrible. You, *you* think stock GNOME is horrible. You think that "nice UI tweaks" make the whole desktop more user friendly. *I believe* that if these tweaks had only adventages and no drawbacks they would be in Stock GNOME long time ago.

and I tend to get really frustrated with it at times when I come home and have to use it (Debian Sid, no Ximian for me).

something as simple as their file selector can't be rolled back into
GNOME baffles the hell out of me.

Now, you confuse GNOME with GTK+. I would appreciate if you got to know GNOME better before publically expressing your opinions about it. BTW, I actually do not consider Ximian changes to GtkFileSelector as an improvement (I happened to find some bugs in these apparently simple modications[1], with my full respect to Ximian people - it happens to everyone). I guess that fears of introducing more bugs to more or less stable code might cause the GTK+'s maintainer reluctance (but that's just guessing).

Maybe, with GNOME 2.0 (or, more likely, 2.2+) plus Ximian's
intelligence, GNOME will be a contendor for the corporate desktop.  I
just hope more installation of Linux/UNIX come with Ximian GNOME than
stock GNOME in the future, so people don't get that bad "first look"

Call me selfish, but I could not care less about corporate desktop. I want GNOME usable (which IMO it is; of course, one can always do better) not adapted to corporate desktops. If improvements in the GNOME usability make it more useful on corporate desktop - that's fine. If the changes are limited to "dumbing down" and making GNOME more similar to MSWindows just for the sake of it, such modifications will not get my vote (not to mention my coding or debugging time).



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