Re: Splitting logout options

arvind <arvind samptur wipro com> writes:

> > But you should be able to just copy what the current logout dialog
> > does, right? I'm not sure what you are having problems with, as far as
> > just moving the functionality, since you could just copy the existing
> > code.
> How do I determine which dialog to be popped up (logout or shutdown or
> restart)
> in the session manger code. Because the SmcRequestSaveYourself will not
> allow me to send any additional data.
> The  parameter that could be helpful is 'interactStyle' ,which, for any type
> of user
> interaction is  SmInteractStyleAny only.
> If precisly the type of selection the user made is  known  at
> process_save_request () (gnome-session/manager.c), choice of
> which dialog to be shown  is  not an issue.

Hmm, I had forgotten that this dialog was in the session manager
now. It's very hard to communicate extra information to the session
manager...  XSMP is not extensible.

There is a really hacky mechanism in gnome-session for communicating
with the session manager by setting magic properties. My vague memory
is that the first incarnation of the logout/restart dialog might have
used this tactic; but it is really best avoided.

The right thing to do is to add a separate out-of-band channel for
communication with the session manager, such as a CORBA interface.

I'd suggest that we leave things the way they are for GNOME-2.0, and
look at this as a future UI improvement.


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