Re: Problems with panel applet

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002 12:07:41 +0000 (GMT)
Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> wrote:

> > good as it is... panel_applet_new() doesn't get arguments, and the
> > documentation says you should pass the 'toplevel' widget to
> > panel_applet_new()... thanks to the headers I found out how to make it work
> > =D
> 	The best way to figure out how to make applets for gnome 2.0
> is to look at existing ones.
> gnome-panel/libpanel-applet/test-bonobo-applet.c is a simple one.

sure, I've used modemlights_applet as my example, I already knew its
code and made my gnome1 applet looking at it...

it was greping for 'panel_applet_new' on modemlights.c that I found out
I should not use it =D

> 	As far as docs go, the API docs are out of date, its just a
> matter of someone getting the time to finish them. Also, I'll be doing
> a talk on writing applets at GUADEC, and I'm sure the slides for that
> will be posted somewhere ...
that will be great, if you would allow me a wishlist, I'd ask that
not only the helper macros BONOBO_... things are documented as ways
to 'init' an applet... many people need or like to write their own
main functions and it is not that hard to do with the new applets API



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