Re: GNOME2.0 Sounds

On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 22:53, Elliot Lee wrote:
> On 27 Mar 2002, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> >  Also, would it be bad if some of the sounds were slightly longer (half
> > a second tops)?
> I think the main rule is keeping disk space usage to a reasonable level.
> As you can see with the present startup sounds, this was hard for me to
> do. :)

Heh.  Don't worry, I'll sufficiently yell at them if they decide the
error dialog sound should be 16 seconds long, in ultra-high quality
format.  ^,^

The only one I'll be able to bug for a while is my dad (my other audio
friends are all up north for a few weeks...), but he's (much) more a
musician than a sound guy, so I dunno what he'll come up with.

My other friend who is great at sound left for up north recently, tho. 
He used to have a website with some samples, but I can't for the life of
me find it's URL, and I can't exactly ask him at the moment... ~,^

> There is a gnome-sound-list that can be used for discussion and feedback,
> if you like.

Alright, will be joining shortly.

> I should learn about sound design and submit something recent too...

Heh.  I dunno about sound design.  All I know is that the login sound
makes me feel rather unhappy that I logged in (why did I do something
making me have to hear that noise again?), and the error/warning dialog
sounds are like 80's arcade games. ~,^

Much better than I could've done, tho.  Were I to do the sounds, it'd be
my voice with a weird filter, going "Oh no", or "Alert!".  Because I'm
wonderfully talented like that.  *cough*

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