Re: GNOME2.0 Sounds

On 27 Mar 2002, Sean Middleditch wrote:

>  What are the default sounds in GNOME2.0 going to sound like?  Because I
> am *really* getting annoyed with the ones in GNOME1.4.  I know some
> people that might be able to make better simple sounds (no promises,
> because I'm not them, so thus I can't guarantee anything)... would
> whoever is in charge be willing to change the sounds if I submitted some
> sounds, with copyright rights/license/whatever?

[What Havoc said...]

>  Also, would it be bad if some of the sounds were slightly longer (half
> a second tops)?

I think the main rule is keeping disk space usage to a reasonable level.
As you can see with the present startup sounds, this was hard for me to
do. :)

There is a gnome-sound-list that can be used for discussion and feedback,
if you like.

I should learn about sound design and submit something recent too...
-- Elliot
Customer service by the financial industry: "If he's not broke, let's fix it."

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