Re: Splitting logout options

None the less, windows and mac users who are use to being able to shutdown
without first logging off are going to find it annoying if they have to logoff
then shutdown.


Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> said:

> arvind <arvind samptur wipro com> writes:
> > In the  Gnome2 panel, under Actions menu, we have Logout
> > option which pops up a dialog with logout, reboot and shutdown
> > options.
> > 
> > As part of bug #70710,  those 3 options should be moved under
> > Actions menu itself. The call, the client(panel) makes to the session
> > manager is through SmcRequestSaveYourself. We need to pass the
> > type of action selected i.e logout or reboot or shutdown to the session
> > manager.  Currenlty we cannot pass the selected action type  with
> > SmcRequestYourself.
> > 
> > Any suggestions to pass this information to Session Manager would
> > be of great help.
> > 
> > Please Refer:
> Well, the right way to do this is to simply to copy the current 
> dialog and make two versions:
>  - One that only gives you the option to logout
>  - One that only gives you the option to reboot or shutdown.
> I actually think that this is a fairly bad idea UI-wise because it clutters
> the root menu, and makes it harder to get to the items above it. I can't
> really see the advantages of having separate items, unless we think people
> aren't going to figure out that to turn off your computer you have to
> first log out.
> (It also obscures the fact that you are logging and then then rebooting or 
> turning off the computer and all the normal logout stuff takes place.)
> Regarsd,
>                                         Owen
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