cvsgnome gnome 2 buildscript


a new update of 'cvsgnome' the gnome 2 cvs checkout maintaining and building-
script. thanks again to christian meyer and others for testing and reporting.
grab it at my homepage url below.

- 0.1.3 - add options to the menu which allows you to unlock a previous
          locked system.
        - add options to the menu that make a clean of the previously
          build so you get a clean run the next time.
        - removed the 'BP' flags out of the tar lines they were totally
        - updated gettext to use a new version.
        - removed libcapplet from the list of checkouts.
        - added libgtop to the list of checkouts.
        - added gnome-applets to the list of checkouts.
        - added metatheme to the list of checkouts.
        - added procman to the list of checkouts.
        - totally rearranged the modules list.
        - provide own cflags to get best optimized code during build.

> 28-04-2002:
> - 0.1.2 - finally we got a bootsrap option inside this script. no need
>           to manually copy/download/depack or whatever. no hassle with
>           broken automake, autoconf etc. we are totally independant
>           now. as in v-b-s or similar scripts this script handles these
>           files for you, depacks, compiles and installs them.
>         - we don't depend play with libpng, libjpg, libtiff, libungif
>           and zlib anymore. these should be already installed on nearly
>           all systems by default now. so it's your own business to make
>           sure that you got them installed.
>         - add options to menu that allow you to grab the files manually
>           from the ftp site.
>         - add options to menu that allow you to depack all programs and
>           modules manually.
>         - added gedit to the list of checkouts.
>         - added gnome-vfs-extras to the list of checkouts.
>         - changed glib branch to point to glib-2-0.
>         - changed pango branch to point to pango-1-0.
>         - changed gtk branch to point to gtk-2-0.
>         - changed glade branch to point to glade-gnome2-branch.
>         - a lot of cosmetical changes and tweaks here and there.
>         - add --disable-gtk-doc as default configure flags, since i
>           want to avoid that first time gnome 2 builders are getting
>           totally pissed.
>           thanks to:
>           ~~~~~~~~~~
>                         Christian Meyer <chrisime gnome org>
>           for keeping me motivated on releasing this script.

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science
E-Mail..: mailto:ali akcaagac stud fh-wilhelmshaven de

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