Re: cvsgnome gnome 2 buildscript


here a quick update, made a little mistake in backporting a moduleentry some
days ago. this got fixed also the FAQ section got HEAVILY improved.

- 0.1.4 - totally cleaned up FAQ section, with new FAQ's and answers.
        - minor changes in the way of handling the prompt. also set the
          read command from bash to be interactive.
        - rearranged the modules list again, put the gail module up in
          the list, otherwise gnome-applets fail to build. i though to
          have that one fixed already. it must have been lost during
          the backport from the test script to the final script.

          thanks to:
                        Ryan Lovett <ryan oNOcf beNOrkeley eNOdu>

          for quick email report.

> 10-05-2002:
> - 0.1.3 - add options to the menu which allows you to unlock a previous
>           locked system.
>         - add options to the menu that make a clean of the previously
>           build so you get a clean run the next time.
>         - removed the 'BP' flags out of the tar lines they were totally
>           unnecessary.
>         - updated gettext to use a new version.
>         - removed libcapplet from the list of checkouts.
>         - added libgtop to the list of checkouts.
>         - added gnome-applets to the list of checkouts.
>         - added metatheme to the list of checkouts.
>         - added procman to the list of checkouts.
>         - totally rearranged the modules list.
>         - provide own cflags to get best optimized code during build.

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science
E-Mail..: mailto:ali akcaagac stud fh-wilhelmshaven de

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