Re: GNOME and printing

Mario Vukelic wrote:

At home I use CUPS, and its web interface to configure it. And frankly,
it drives me crazy that the printer settings are /per printer/ instead
of /per user/. My wife prints lots of stuff in 150 dpi b/w mode. I
seldom print, but when I do I want 600 dpi color. Now, I configure,
print, forget about it. But next time I print, I find that my wife has
set the printer to her settings, and I get ugly printouts. I hate that.

This problem is already solved. Each user can change printer settings using XPP (a printing dialog; for web site address, see initial message); the options can be saved in a file called '.lpoptions' in the respective user's home directory. These printer settings will automatically be applied when using 'lpr'. I think it would be a good idea to add XPP's features to GNOME's printing dialog, as well as to integrate a print queue manager into GNOME. It would make life easier for those migrating from Windows to GNOME.

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