Re: libgnomecanvas-2.0 question

Cesar Talon wrote:


I've tried to use gnome_canvas_item_scale() and
gnome_canvas_item_rotate() and have seen on they no longer exist on
gnome2. The ChangeLog indicates that they were removed on february.

Were them removed because they were depecrated functions, or it just
because it haven't been implemented yet on gnome2?
I don't think they have ever been implemented. They were in the headers for gnome 1.x, but never implemented. The prototypes were removed in the 2.0 version of gnomecanvas. Note that you can rotate or scale an item by applying an affine transformation.

Sorry if this is not the right place to ask about libgnomecanvas, but I
haven't found any specific list about it.
This is the correct list to ask on.


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