Re: libgnomecanvas-2.0 question

El mar, 21-05-2002 a las 15:30, James Henstridge escribió:
> >I've tried to use gnome_canvas_item_scale() and
> >gnome_canvas_item_rotate() and have seen on they no longer exist on
> >gnome2. The ChangeLog indicates that they were removed on february.
> >
> >Were them removed because they were depecrated functions, or it just
> >because it haven't been implemented yet on gnome2? 
> >
> I don't think they have ever been implemented.  They were in the headers 
> for gnome 1.x, but never implemented.  The prototypes were removed in 
> the 2.0 version of gnomecanvas.  Note that you can rotate or scale an 
> item by applying an affine transformation.

Thank you for the answer. I thought both functions were on gnome 1.x
because it was stated on the documentation and I didn't even look at the
source on 1.x to compare...

I will do the transformations with the affine matrix as you suggest, I
should have thought about it before ;)


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