unusual problem

I just wrote a Gnome app using Glade and have run into a problem I haven't
seen before.  Usually, when you design an app with Glade and tell it to
build the source, you end up with standard files and directories (intl,
macros, pixmaps, po and src).  Just ./autogen.sh, and make to see the
product.  Today, I wrote a test app using glade and when it built the source
directories it replaced the 'intl' directory with one called 'm4'.  As a
result, the program will not build.  It's been a month or two since I used
Glade last, and the only changes I've made to my system was to go from RH
7.2 to RH 7.3.  I use Ximian Desktop to keep my libs and apps up to date.  

Any ideas or suggestions?


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