Re: unusual problem

On Thu, 2002-05-23 at 10:15, Clancy, Shane W. wrote:
> I just wrote a Gnome app using Glade and have run into a problem I haven't
> seen before.  Usually, when you design an app with Glade and tell it to
> build the source, you end up with standard files and directories (intl,
> macros, pixmaps, po and src).  Just ./, and make to see the
> product.  Today, I wrote a test app using glade and when it built the source
> directories it replaced the 'intl' directory with one called 'm4'.  As a
> result, the program will not build.  It's been a month or two since I used
> Glade last, and the only changes I've made to my system was to go from RH
> 7.2 to RH 7.3.  I use Ximian Desktop to keep my libs and apps up to date.  
> Any ideas or suggestions?

That's a change to gettext, not to glade.  You should be able to either:

	1) Edit macros/ and add the --intl flag to the calls 	   to
gettextize, or

	2) Edit the file and change the line AM_GNU_GETTEXT 	   to

I know the former works.  I think the latter works, if and only if you
are using a version of glibc that has gettext support builtin.


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