Re: MGT and vttest


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> > > when I'm reviewing this (am at work now), I'll see if I can make a screen
> > > dump.
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> > Dear Thomas,
> > ok about MGT terminal emulator
> > you was right, 1.x tests of vttest didn't work, 
> The 1.x looks ok - but from a quick check, there are still several problems.
> Just a quick outline:
> 	In 5.x, the numeric keypad doesn't act as expected.
what do you mean by '...doesn't work as expected'?
here works fine and exactly the same way xterm does...
what's your system? maybe some specific problem with that?

> 	6.x, terminal reports should do at least either 6.6 or 6.7 (preferably
> 	both).  If it's vt102, then 6.7 is expected.  (Not useful, but...)
ok I'll add such reports...

> 	The terminal doesn't seem to have any way to set vt220 mode.  So I
> 	can't check the function-keys in 5.x or the character-set stuff

"Sorry, a real VT100 terminal doesn't have function keys"

this is the message I get from my xterm, I have a Debian
woody up to date, and also from MGT in test 5.7 
About character set I'm sure they work fine,

> 	such as single-shifts and locking shifts in menu 3.  Also, the
> 	8-bit controls don't work, e.g., 11.1.1

see what follows:

8-bit controls enabled:    <27> [ 1 ; 1 R  failed

8-bit controls disabled:    <27> [ 1 ; 1 R  ok

as above this is what I get from my xterm 
and also from MGT...
I notice no difference,

				  thanks a lot
                                  for all your help

  Cristiano De Michele,
  Department of Physics,
  University "Federico II" of Naples

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