gobject lifecycle & bonobo


I hope this is the right kind of question for this list ;)

While writing nautilus-media and the audio view, I ran into some issues 
with the gobject lifecycle.

What I need to do is to have a dispose handler for the nautilus view so I 
can stop playback as soon as the view gets stopped.

I added g_print's to the gobject functions of the test view (also in that 
tarball).  The class_init and instance_init ones print out information, 
but the dispose and finalize ones don't.  I checked to make sure that both 
are installed in the class_init function.

So I have two questions :
a) can I rely on g_print being a working mechanism to see the lifecycle ?
ie, should I worry about output not being displayed because the "thing" 
printing might be gone ?
b) Is there a better way to debug the lifecycle ?
c) is it possible that the dispose and finalize handlers aren't being 
called ? The view always keeps playing for a few more seconds until the 
process gets terminated.
d) I also see a warning from bonobo that there is a possible leak ref.
Seems to me that bonobo knows there's something wrong ;)

For anyone interested in helping me solve this, get
nautilus-media from cvs, compile it, and check in the test-view dir.
It contains the basic sample view from nautilus, extracted to build 
stand-alone and be testable.



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