build from cvs & orbit problem


I started building from CVS using jhbuild and the gnome22 moduleset (is 
this the correct one for tracking HEAD ?)

It stopped building on ORBit, saying my linking was borked ;)

I investigated the issue, the tests were failing due to pthread not being 
linked in.  I remember some thread about gthread being special and needing 
a specific link option, but I can't be sure.

Anyway, I added a pkg-config check for gthread-2.0 to all of the flags in, and that solved it for me.  Seems to me like this is the
right way to fix it in any case, so can anyone tell me if this is correct 
and ought to go in as a fix ?

Also, ORBit shouldn't say "now run make" when this happens ;) it should 
just AC_MSG_ERROR out.

Please let me know if this was the right fix or not because I've a feeling 
I might run into more of these.

My system is stock red hat 8.0 btw.



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