Re: build from cvs & orbit problem

В Вск, 03.11.2002, в 04:24, Thomas Vander Stichele написал:
> I started building from CVS using jhbuild and the gnome22 moduleset (is 
> this the correct one for tracking HEAD ?)
> It stopped building on ORBit, saying my linking was borked ;)
> I investigated the issue, the tests were failing due to pthread not being 
> linked in.  I remember some thread about gthread being special and needing 
> a specific link option, but I can't be sure.
> Anyway, I added a pkg-config check for gthread-2.0 to all of the flags in 
>, and that solved it for me.  Seems to me like this is the
> right way to fix it in any case, so can anyone tell me if this is correct 
> and ought to go in as a fix ?
> Also, ORBit shouldn't say "now run make" when this happens ;) it should 
> just AC_MSG_ERROR out.
> Please let me know if this was the right fix or not because I've a feeling 
> I might run into more of these.
You have to upgrade to pkgconfig-0.14.0. Older pkgconfig looses -pthread
flag. See


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