Re: Slow execution of applications !!!!

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 11:45:37AM +0100, JC Jan Christensen wrote:
>   When I try to run OpenOffice-writer it takes 30 seconds before the
>   program is started. That is very very very very slow. When I start
>   Microsoft WORD 2000 on a computer with Windows 2000 it only takes
>   about 5 seconds before this program is started.

Then you probably want to talk to the people
( OO.o is not part of the GNOME project, so
there's not a lot we can do about its speed.

> GNOME is in general VERY slow when it comes to program- execution. I
> hope that you have focus on that !!!!!!

What is your basis for comparison? Did it used to run faster for you
before the upgrade? With GNOME 1? 

Your mail really provides very little information to work to work out
exactly what problems you are seeing and whether the problem is with
your setup or somewhere else. So, less exclamation marks and more
details would be appreciated, I'm sure.

A quick test with a random selection of applications on my machine
(which is slower than yours) had most of them popping up within a second
or two. So where do you see the slowness? Are they long pauses of
inactivity, or ...?


Telepath required. You know where to apply...

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