Re: Slow execution of applications !!!!

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On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, JC Jan Christensen wrote:

>   Dear Sirs
>   I have installed Red Hat LINUX version 8.0 on a K6-500Mhz computer with
>   256 Mb RAM. The /boot-partition is 100 Mb, the swap-partition is 510 Mb
> and
>   the root-partition (/) is the remaining space of the harddisk (37550 Mb).
> It is
>   a 40 Gb harddisk.
>   When I try to run OpenOffice-writer it takes 30 seconds before the program
> is
>   started. That is very very very very slow. When I start Microsoft WORD
> 2000 
>   on a computer with Windows 2000 it only takes about 5 seconds before this
>   program is started. GNOME is in general VERY slow when it comes to
> program-
>   execution. I hope that you have focus on that !!!!!!

Well, most of MS office startup is done during the system bootup, you can
achieve the same effect for OOo (and I supposed gnome, should somebody
write such) by using a special 'fast-load program that does nothing but
just causes the shared libraries to be loaded. Just search for it on

>   I hope that you would do something to increase the speed of
> program-execution.
>   My e-mail-adress is : jan christensen riva-systems dk
>   I hope to hear from you
>   Best regards
>   Jan Christensen


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