[gnome-devel-list] gnome_config_... in dynamic library


I'm currently writing a GNOME application, using several plugins.
These plugins are writen as dynamic libraries, loaded with
"g_module_..." functions.

My problem is simple : I try to use "gnome_config_..." functions into
plugin functions, but can't get them to work : no value is returned, and
no error message is displayed in the console ; I've tried to use
"gnome_config_push_prefix" also to force a file name, but without any
Of course, "gnome_config_..." works perfectly in the main application

So, are there any special steps to follow into the plugin initialization
function, or when defining or calling plugin functions ??
Any help would be greatly appreciated...



P.S.: please be kind to reply to me directly because I didn't subscribed
yet to this mailing list.

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