applet: shlib vs applications

Hi all

AFAIK these days GNOME applets can be developed as either shared
libraries (.so) or standalone applications. I tried both ways and got
some issues to share with you:

1. The applet applications are enormously heavy. My little applet takes
>8M of memory when runs as a standalon app (measured by
gnome-system-monitor from RH80). Though I have to admit - I don't know
which part of it is shareable.

2. So, it seems GNOME environment promotes using shlibs for applets.
Well, but how secure and reliable is this architecture - if all the
applets are in the same VM, and ANY of them can crash the whole panel?
It returns me in a good old days of Windows 3.1:)

3. I could not find easy way of making my applet configurable in this
aspect on the compile stage. What I would like is an option (for
configure script) like --build-as-shlib which would switch the target of
the build process - whether is will be application or shlib. Could
please anyone give me a hint on this? I think it would be handy way of
development - first, do some prototype as an application (secure for the
panel) - then, after some polishing, "promote" it to the shared library.

Any comments?


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