Re: bonobo coplie error

> OK gcc.real is the "real" gcc compiler. /usr/bin/gcc is a symlink to 
> /usr/bin/compilercache. I have no idea why but its meant to be normal :-)

Is this your machine at all ? Because if it is, then you installed 
compilercache, and you should know about it ;) why you installed it and 
so on.  If it isn't your machine, ask your sysadmin why this was done.

But installing a compiler cache is a little beyond a normal setup 
currently.  I'm not saying it is the root of the cause, but if you're the 
only one who has this issue, chances of it are high.  Also, if you somehow 
installed compilercache and forgot about it, there might be other things 
you changed in your environment that you forgot about, so maybey ou should 
try it on a clean box, not a custom one.



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