Re: Small embeddable scripting language ?

On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 23:07, Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:
> Hi
> I'm looking for a scripting engine for Anjuta. It would be used for
> extending functionality through user-defined tools as well as a
> templating language for wizards. The requirements are:
> 1) Small (since we'll probably have to distribute it with Anjuta)
> 2) Reasonably fast
> 3) Embeddable from C programs
> 4) Ability to register/call C functions
> 5) Free
> My guess is that we are not the first project looking for this since it
> seems to be a pretty obvious thing to do once things get bigger than a
> certain size. So far, I like Lua ( - however, the
> syntax seems a bit weird - I'd prefer a minimal learning curve for
> people (including me).

Erg, I had a very nice e-mail all laid out in response, and idiot me
deleted it instead of sending it (12 am e-mail sending will be the death
of me yet...)

Anyways, the meat of it was, if you don't mind working with a developing
(tho already quite usable) language, take a look at Scriptix

It's pretty much designed solely for extending apps, is quite small and
fast (and will be faster yet once the optimization layer is complete),
has rather "standard" C/C++/Java/C# -like syntax, is OO, and, simply,

There's not documentation yet, unfortunately, me being the stereotypical
coder; it is used by AweMUD, which can be used as "documentation" of a
sort, and I'm always willing to help, answer questions, work on problems
areas, etc.

> So, my question is: is there any 'official' GNOME policy for this ? If
> not, what do you suggest ? What did porojects facing a similar situation
> choose ? Can someone point me to a reasonably simple implementation ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Rgds,
> Biswa.
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