Re: Small embeddable scripting language ?


> one of the plans I have in mind for libgnomeoffice (gnome-office module
> in CVS) is to have a plugin service (an interface for a plugin to
> implement) for scripting, which will allow access to many different
> languages (perl, python, C#, Guile, etc) by having a plugin for each of
> those languages implementing the service.
> I think it would be a good idea to hack on a common solution (either in
> gnome-office or in a libgplugin module or whatever) so that most GNOME
> apps could take advantage of it.

I think that's a great idea. However, I'm not sure how much load a
generic API wrappable in any language will impose. I know it is
unpleasant to many hackers, but how about selecting on a single language
and sticking to it - like MS has done with VBA (virtually any major app
is VBA scriptable). This means that people can reuse their skills

Jens: Thanks for the great idea about JavaScript - don't know how I
missed that ! Going through the docs, JS seems to have:
	1) Pretty familiar syntax
	2) Lots of developers
	3) Available on any GNOME platform - thanks to Galeon et al.
	4) Small and fast
	5) Actively maintained and well documented
	6) Easily embeddable
	7) UTF and Unicode enabled

Seems to fit Anjuta's needs nicely indeed !

Lots of people have been suggesting Python - I intend to give that a
closer look as well, but currently, JS seems to be the best choice to
me. Also, standalone build sizes seem to be pretty small as well.

BTW, anyone here who has used JS or Python embedding in the Real World
(TM) GNOME project ? Pointers to code bits would be nice.


> I haven't worked much on gnome-office lately, but if people are
> interested in that common solution, I can find a bit of free time to
> hack at least on the basis for that plugin service.
> cheers
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