Re: Help me in the relationship between Xlib's windowID and GTK widget

sarge Chris wrote:

Thank your reply. Actually I want to implement one GTK application can simulate user input for other application, for example, my application can "fill" the editbox of B window, then "press" the OK button of B window, such actions are implemented by sending GTK event to them from my application, just like the user input to B.

I've tried many ways to get the GtkWidget of editbox and button but no result, can I use gnome API or windows manager(such as sawfish) to do it, Or other method? I use C/C++.

You might want to investigate the at-spi APIs. This API is designed for out of process accessibility tools to inspect the user interface of an application, and activate the various actions made available by various UI components.

It should provide the support necessary to do the sort of remote control you are after (even though you aren't doing an accessibility specific app).


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