Re: multiload-applet-2 bug

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 07:20:46PM +0200, M G Berberich wrote:
> Hello,
> have you ever realised that the multiload-applets graphs are off by 3
> pixels in the time-axis? This bug existed in gnome 1.4 and still is in
> gnome 2.
> This is because
> a) the frame around the graphs is 2 pixels wide -- on both sides.
>    so we have to subtract 4 instead of 2.
> b) there is a simple "off-by-one" error in the drawing loop.
> patch against gnome-applets-2.0.3 is attached. Any chance to get it
> into gnome?

Hmm. Nice work. The chances of this being applied are larger if you put
it into bugzilla. That way the maintainer will be notified explicitly
and he can track down all pending patches easily.

(Note: I am not the maintainer or in any way qualified to comment on the
patch.  This is just your standard "bug reports go in bugzilla"
announcement. :-) )


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