Bug handling survey - Tree based models

Hello Gnome contributors,

I am conducting a survey about the way bugs are handled in open source
software projects. The survey includes questions that can be answered by
developers,testers, bug fixers, project managers, and owners of defect
databases. It is only and only for research purposes and it is very easy
to fill out. It consists of three short sections which can be completed at
once or in different sessions. Please fill it out if you haven't done yet.
You will find the questions interesting since there is a reason behind
each one one of them. They will make you think about how things work (or
could work)in your project. The survey can be found in the address:


The data in the bug databases can be used to identify the high risk areas
in the software development. One of the ways of doing it is constructing
tree-based models, which could be very useful in open source projects. If
you would like to read about it, I prepared a web page for you:


Please accept my apologies if you receive duplicates of this e-mail. This
is a survey, which will give useful results for all of us. I will try to
prepare and make some preliminary results on-line within the next two
weeks. Since this is a survey, covering many important open source
projects, it will be interesting for everybody to see what kind of quality
assurance work is going on in the other projects. As always, we are very
dedicated to this research. Please contact me for any question you might

Thank you,

A. Gunes Koru

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